WWE 2K19 Announces The Million Dollar Challenge

WWE 2K19 Announces The Million Dollar Challenge

Not only am I a huge video game I am also a huge wrestling fan so I have been waiting all day for the first, WWE 2K19 announcement that just happened.

No news on the roster or if the game is going to look any better or game modes were given just yet. However, AJ Styles was announced at the cover star and that is awesome. AJ Styles has been at the top of his game and not only that. He is a huge video game fan and has always been talking about games since he came onto social media. Not only that he has his own game hunting show on the Up Up Down Down YouTube Channel.

As well as announcing AJ Styles as the cover star. 2K has also announced the Million Dollar Challenge. Specifics were not given. But this is an online challenge where everyone who purchases the game can enter.

The winner of the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge will get the chance to not just play against AJ Styles, but also the chance to win a million dollars if they beat him! It is a pretty awesome and fun contest, but like I said, AJ Styles is an avid gamer so it will be tough.

WWE 2K19 was announced as being released on the 9th of October which is a little earlier than usual, but this October is a blockbuster month for video game releases so they must want to get out nice and early. If your pre order the WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition then you will be able to play the game a few days earlier on the 5th of October.

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