7 Forgotten PlayStation Exclusives

7 Forgotten PlayStation Exclusives

It goes without saying that the PlayStation 4 has been killing it with the exclusive games this console generation. However, Sony has actually been really aggressive since the original PlayStation in ensuring that their consoles have some great exclusive games. Today I am looking through the PlayStation back catalog to share with you 7 PlayStation exclusives that you may have forgotten about.


PlayStation 2

Released in 2003 on the PlayStation 2, Ghosthunter was a game I had a ton of fun with. This is a 3rd person action/shooter game. You play as a rookie detective who somehow unleashes a ton of ghosts into the city which leads to his partner being kidnapped. You need to take these ghosts down to save the city and your partner. Ghosthunter is a really fun game and one that deserves more attention than it gets.


PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable

I am putting the whole Resistance franchise in here. The main trilogy if you ask me are some of the best and most cinematic shooters on the PlayStation 3. 3 main games were released, the first one was one of if not the biggest launch game on the PlayStation 3. The controls were nice and tight and the story is something I really got into. I really wish Sony would give this series another try. Even some kind of collection released for the PS4 would be something I would be all in with.


PlayStation 2

For me it seems like 2002 – 2005 saw a ton of great exclusive games come out for the PlayStation 2 and Primal is one of them. This is a 3rd person action game where you have two playable characters, a great setting and some awesome combat. It also makes you think with some clever puzzles thrown in as well. I worked in a video game store when Primal was released and Sony actually had very high hopes for this being a big hit.

NBA ShootOut (Total NBA)


I grew up in the UK and the NBA ShootOut series was known as Total NBA. The first game in the series was one that Sony used to showcase how powerful their PlayStation console was in 1995. It was Total NBA 97 though that hooked me, it had great visuals and it walked the line between being a sim and arcade style game perfectly. Also here in the UK, some versions of Total NBA 97 came in a box that was made with rubber like a basketball. Sony for some reason stopped the series when NBA 2K took over the basketball world.

Colony Wars


Colony Wars was actually a pretty big series back on the original PlayStation. It was so popular that it actually has a trilogy of games on the PlayStation. It is a space shooter where you have a lot of choice in the way you go about completing missions. It is very action packed and there is also a fair bit of strategy as well. I actually like all three games, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the second one.

Herdy Gerdy

PlayStation 2

Here is a game that really impressed me back in the day. Herdy Gerdy was released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2002. The animation is fantastic and at the time this was one of the best looking games I had ever seen. The game is a mixture of puzzle and stealth where you play as a young boy whose father has fallen into a deep sleep as the result of a spell. You need to use your smarts to heard various animals and solve puzzles. It is a really fun game and one of the early showcases of the power the PlayStation 2 had.

Heavenly Sword

PlayStation 3

Before there was Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn there was Nariko and Heavily Sword. This was a huge exclusive for the PlayStation 3 and released in 2007, it was an early game that showcased the power of the console. It is a pretty awesome 3rd person action/hack and slash game that also has a really cool story. It was a pretty big deal at the time of its release, but its time came and went and it is one of the better forgotten games on the PlayStation 3.

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