eBonus.gg is in the process of Shutting Down

Hello eBonus user,

As some of you might have noticed, eBonus has been on a downward trend for the past year. The last couple of months have been particularly hard for eBonus. To the point where we have not been able to maintain enough revenue to be able to keep on giving free prizes.

Due to this, we have no other solution than shutting down. We are very sorry to get to this point, specially to you users that have been "grinding" for the last couple months.

We have disabled the ability to earn Coins.
From now on you can only spend your available Coins on our current available prizes. We will no longer restock prizes as well. If there is a prize you wanted and it is out of stock, don't expect that to get on stock. You can still spend your Coins on the other available prizes, while there is stock.

We are still very proud of what we've accomplished with eBonus.gg. More than $250.000 distributed as prizes, for free. We hope you have been one of the users that has been rewarded for your time with us.

Once again, we're very sorry that it got to this point.

Kind regards,
The eBonus.gg Team

eBonus is in the process of shutting down
The ability to earn Coins has been disabled, you can only spend your Coins on our current available prizes. Learn more here.