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The adventure awaits you in the award-winning action RPG that was Runic Games' first game! Explore the random depths of the city, collect treasures and level up to save Torchlight - or even the world.


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Welcome to Torchlight! A quiet town founded by the discovery of Ember rich veins: a rare and mysterious ore with the power to enchant or corrupt everything it touches. Empowered by this power, legions of deformed creatures began to emerge from tunnels and caves beneath the city. Choose from three heroes in this Action RPG and dive into the caves under the city in search of treasure and glory.
Main features

Your adventure is yours alone. Explore seven carefully crafted environments, randomly generated with new monsters, treasures, puzzles, and items each time you embark on your journey.

All the tools we use to create Torchlight are available in TorchED. Change your gaming experience or create something completely new to explore and share.

Take a break from your stressful adventurous work to go fishing. What you fish will help you on your journey. Lonely adventures can be solitary. Choose a faithful companion to accompany you. Your mascot will carry your items, help fight, and with the right fish, you can even become a powerful ally!

Hanging your boots does not mean that the adventure needs finishing. Retire your hero and transfer the precious items, imbued with unique attributes, to your new hero.

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