One Piece Burning Blood Gold Pack (DLC)

One Piece Burning Blood Gold Pack (DLC)

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Gold Pack includes all the content from the Wanted Pack, Wanted Pack 2!
- 4 new playable characters;
- 6 alternate versions of playable characters;
- 14 costumes;
- 5 customized HUDs;
- exclusive Platinum Luffy costums;


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The famous quirky pirate Luffy is back with the gang in One Piece: Burning Blood. The game features an artstyle that is cell shaped just like the anime One Piece. The fighting game is dynamic and colorful also giving you a roster of around 40 playable characters to choose from.

Prepare yourself for destructive combos and wacky action in this fast-paced fighting video game. Also the Logia Devil Fruits will bring out amazing special moves that will be devastating to your opponents. The game also features a 3 vs. 3 rumble where you can switch from the 3 characters you’ve previously chosen during an active fight.

An advanced battle system is also featured. With this system players of the game will be able to do stronger attacks while blocking normal attacks from the enemies.

Platform Steam