Killing Room

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Rogue style first person shooter with solid RPG elements set in the 22nd century as a parody of a reality show. Earn a fortune or die, but never disappoint your audience! The audience can be virtual or real, with revolutionary revolutionary features for streamers and their fans.


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Killing Room is a first person shooter game mixed with a parody of reality show and Rogue style RPG. You are a (in) happy contender of Killing Room, a popular reality show in the decadent 22nd century. You know that there is glory or death - and death prevails in 99% of cases.

What is Killing Room?

*First Person Shooter Game
-Killing Room offers classic first-person shooter gameplay with many weapons including melee weapons such as scythe or the public's preferred fly-killer.

-Death is permanent in Killing Room as well as random elements and a very high level of difficulty to ensure that your skills will be properly tested and that every wrong move can cause you too much trouble.

*Reality show parody
-We love the idea behind the game Smash TV, based on the book and movie The Running Man (The Survivor). Killing Room is also based on this idea. Your character is in a bad situation, but he can become ridiculously rich in a few hours. However, everyone will do everything possible to prevent it. It's a cruel reality show, full of black humor and cynicism.

*Online poll for streamers and viewers
-You can let a real online audience decide how you will be rewarded or punished during your game. Cast the game in stream and share the URL with your followers. This is a completely new form of interaction between the player and his audience. We guarantee this will bring a lot of fun to both sides, although it's something totally optional. Playing without a real audience is also a complete experience.

*Driven by popularity
-You will be closely watched not just by an online audience. Your actions will also be evaluated by an AI audience. If you are boring, your popularity will drop. But if you entertain the crowds, you can become their hero. Being popular is all about when it comes to TV shows! Literally, that's all, because if you annoy the public, it will make you regret the moment you entered the Killing Room.

-Your character is defined by several attributes: Stamina, Health, Speed, Defense, Accuracy, etc. You can invest to improve these attributes to help you considerably in your desperate effort. But you can also count on items that enhance your attributes and even your special effects and bonuses that go beyond the basic RPG system. There are double jumps, invulnerability to traps, various Killing Room scenario maps and tons of other useful things. But if you are a bad boy or girl, with low popularity or resentful online viewers, you can also receive problem items, which will cause you ... well, problems ... from very light penalties to their attributes to serious illness, disability to run or lose an eye.

*Diversity and richness in content and gameplay
-Fire and white weapons, three different "worlds" with unique enemies, boss fights, over a hundred unique items, reward points of interest and more awaits you in Killing Room. Also, although our show tries to permanently kill participants, it's not just about shootings. We have prepared many interesting traps, puzzles and other elements to ensure that our show is always full of fun, action and excitement!


*Eight randomly generated levels
*Eight boss creatures with unique gameplay and special intro animations
*Online poll for better interaction between streamers and their audience
*15+ weapons
*25+ types of enemies
*150+ unique items
*Fights, puzzles and traps

-Free content patches
*We will actively support Killing Room after launch, not only repairing insects, but also with free content updates, bringing you more items, weapons, enemies and room variations.

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