Human Fall Flat

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Human: Fall Flat is a curious physics-based puzzle game that lets you explore the immense possibilities of a floating dream world. Your goal is to escape surreal dreams by solving puzzles with the help of physics and your gray matter.


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Bob is a normal human without any powers, but with the right tools, the sky is the limit! And if you use these tools incorrectly the results can be even more impressive!

The Human: Fall Flat universe is characterized by advanced physics and innovative controls that create various types of challenges. The dreams in which Bob is falling are filled with puzzles for solving and potentially hilarious distractions. The universe can be a fantasy, but the laws of physics continue to make themselves felt.

Will you try to open the mysterious door or do you prefer to see how far the columns you've shot through the window?


Direct and absolute control of the character. Nothing is imposed and there are no limits.

Fully interactive environments, take everything, go wherever you want and take with you whatever you want.

Local cooperative mode to face the worlds with your friends.

Customize your Bob's color or import your face using a webcam.

8 beautiful dream environments full of puzzles to explore.

Extended playing time thanks to the possibilities generated by your experiences.

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