Football Manager 2018

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Football Manager 2018 is the latest installment of this tremendously successful series. Football Manager 2018 puts you on the bench of any football club in more than 50 countries around the world and is as close as you can get from being a coach in real life.


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They say that football is a game of opinions and everyone has yours, but here the only opinion that counts is yours.

Now it's you who make the decisions, from whom you sell and contract until the way you manage your budget. Will you outline your tactics around the players at your disposal or will you train them according to your vision of how this sport should be played? Your choice of starting and substitute players will affect the stability of the squad and you will have to deal with it. You are responsible for all decisions.

If you make the right decisions you will be a star, dominating the titles of the newspapers and the subjects of conversation in the social networks. You'll be a football legend ... if you succeed, of course.

With unparalleled choices both on and off the field, all within the immersive world of football, it's time to decide what kind of coach you want to be.

Trains in 50 of the most important countries in the soccer world
Conquer the title with any of the top 2500 clubs in the world
Master the transfer market with over 600,000 real players and staff members
See your vision of the football world taking shape before your eyes

All Football Manager 2018 purchases also include a free copy of Football Manager Touch 2018 for PC / Mac and Linux.



A team in harmony produces better results in the field. By building partnerships between your players on and off the pitch and maintaining a good atmosphere in the resort you will be able to make the most of your squad.

Live game day

A new graphics engine produces the best lighting, stadiums and player models in the series' history along with a simpler interface and a more modern presentation to bring the encounters to life.

Realistic Prospecting System

A realistic representation of the techniques used by the world's largest clubs, including a more detailed data analysis that, in combination with a greater number of prospecting options, presents a more complete picture of potential hires.

Sports Science

The new Medical Center provides a more complete description of the medical situation of the squad and the medical team provides feedback on individual injury risks by advising on the best ways to avoid injury during training.


The tactics screen has been redrawn and puts the analyzes in the center to give you a concise overview of how your tactics work. The new pre-game briefing allows you to better prepare for the next meeting and the new positions for the players give you more ways to use your squad.

Fantasy Draft

Fantasy Draft has been redesigned with a new interface that is perfect for streaming and with various configuration options that help you tailor the experience to your taste, including a larger budget and a quick start option.

Football intelligence

A realistic transfer market that reflects the inflated values ​​of transfers and contracts, more clauses to finalize the agreements, and a more shrewd AI for direction and transfers that takes into account more contextualized information from the game world.

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