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Can eBonus.gg advertise my videos?
Coins not being credited
There are many reasons for your coins not being credited after you complete one survey/task. The main reasons are:

  • Having AdBlock active while completing the task. When completing a task you must disable AdBlock for ALL websites and not only for eBonus.gg.
  • Using a different platform than the platform referred on the task title. If a task tells you to install an app while on desktop and if after you click that task it takes you to a survey instead, there's a chance that you won't get your Coins.
  • Not completing a task until the very end. Some tasks might look like finished when they aren't, careful with this.
  • Not confirming your email. Some tasks require you to confirm your email for you to receive your Coins.
  • Using VPN/Proxies or any kind of bad activities. Our providers detect these and while you might sometimes still get your coins, we'll probably have to take them away from you if they report bad activities.
eBonus.gg has no control on these tasks. If a provider fails to give you your Coins after you successfully complete a task, please contact the support/staff of that provider, as we, unfortunately, can't give you your Coins.
Questions about sending gameplay?
This feature is now disabled while we are trying to go through all the videos sent already.

It's very important to read our Terms and Conditions on the Send Gameplay page.

The gameplay you sent must be YOUR gameplay and you should not upload it online to anyone else.

The Coins you receive depends on the video quality. Only an exceptionally great video will be awarded with 2000 Coins.
Can't confirm email, Invalid Token
If you are having troubles confirming your account, go to your profile page and click on the button "Resend Email".
Then on your mailbox, make sure to open the new email (and not an older, similar, email) and click on the "Confirm my account" button.
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