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What is eBonus.gg?

eBonus.gg is a platform where you can win free gaming content by completing simple tasks.

This gaming content includes an high variety of Games / Game Keys; DLCs; in-Game content (like Virtual Currency or items); Gaming related Gift Cards (Steam Wallet Codes; XBox, Playstation Network, etc). If there is a gaming related prize you would like to earn on eBonus.gg, contact us and we might be able to add this prize for you!

By completing simple tasks, you will earn Coins, which you can use to redeem your favorite Prizes. These simple tasks include installing an application, watching videos, completing surveys, registering on websites, etc.

You can also invite your friends. They will earn a starting bonus and you will earn a percentage of their earnings, forever!

How can I redeem a prize?

Click on the 'Prizes' menu and then choose your prize. You can also search for your prize name.
Then, if you have enough Coins to redeem the prize, click on the 'REDEEM' button.
A confirmation page will show, then you just have to click on 'CONFIRM'.

Usually prizes take less than 24h to arrive. In some cases, they can take up to 72h. In rare cases, it can take a while longer to deliver a prize.

When will I receive my prize?

Usually prizes take less than 24 business hours to arrive. In some cases, they can take up to 72 business hours.
On weekends and holidays, prizes usually take longer to arrive.

In rare cases, it can take a while longer to deliver a prize. Up to 60 days.
This can happen for different reasons. If you're in this case, read the next question.

What are the different order statuses?

After ordering a prize, your order will be in one of 6 states:

Pending: This happens after you make the order and our system will now verify if it's all ok. This usually takes less than 10min.

Accepted: Your order has been accepted and you can know use your prize!

Manual: Our automatic process detected some possible problems with your order, we will have to manually check it. This process usually takes 24h to 72h.

Restocking: Your order has been accepted, but we are out of stock of this prize. We will restock soon. This process usually takes 24h to 72h.

Rejected: Your order has been rejected. This can happen for a few different reasons. Check the section 'What kind of actions are forbidden?' to know the most common reasons.

On Hold: On rare occasions, your order will be on hold a while longer, although this is rare it can happen for a few reasons:
- You completed the same tasks more than once, from different Offer Walls.
- You completed an high payout task (task that gives a high number of Coins).
- You completed too much tasks from the Offer Walls in a short period of time.
- You bought a lot of Coins in a short period of time.
On all the cases above, there's a chance that one or more of your tasks will be reversed. Therefore we will have to wait for the Providers, to know if we can accept the order. Unfortunately, this usually takes a long time, up to 60 days.

How will I receive my prize?

It depends on the prize.
Most of our prizes are Key-based: We will just give you a Key that you can use on that prize Platform to get it.

If you redeem a Pokémon we will have to trade it to you. You will have to give us your Friend Code and we'll schedule a trade with you.

My Coins are not being credited.

Unfortunately, eBonus.gg has no control on these tasks. If a provider fails to give you your Coins after you successfully complete a task, there's no way around it, you must contact the support/staff of that provider, as we can't give you your Coins without them.
Please wait at least 1 business day before contacting them, as sometimes offers take longer to credit.

There are many reasons for your Coins not being credited after you complete one task. The main reasons are:
- Using a different platform from the referred on the task title: If a task tells you to install an app while you are on your desktop and, if after you click that task it takes you to a survey instead, there's a chance that you won't get your Coins.
- Not completing a task until the very end. Some tasks might look like finished when they aren't, careful with this.
- Not confirming your email. Some tasks require you to confirm your email for you to receive your Coins.
- Using VPN/Proxies or any kind of bad activities. Our providers detect these and while you might sometimes still get your Coins, we'll probably have to take them away from you if/when they report these bad activities.

What kind of actions are forbidden?

While using eBonus.gg you may not:
- use proxies, VPN, and/or any other technical solutions or software in order to modify your actual location or IP address;
- create more than one user account, or, in any way, abuse the Referral Program;
- introduce any false, misleading or manipulated materials such as printscreens, in order to hide or confuse or mislead eBonus.gg staff, in particular to obtain Coins or Prizes;
- share your login and password information with another User;
- have an active running instance of an AdBlock or any software that may block or modify the visibility of Ads, or any other parts of the platform;
- use any kind of software to automate tasks.

How can I invite Friends?

To invite friends you just have to share your reflink with them. Go to the Invite Friends tab and click on the 'Share' button to get your reflink.

Then, if they register after using your link, they will earn a starting bonus and you will earn a percentage of their earnings, forever!

Can eBonus.gg advertise my videos?

Yes, we can advertise your videos on our watch page. Our packs start at 5$ for each 1000 views (we count a view when a user receives his Coins).
We also have bundle prices, if you're interested in high amounts of views. Contact us if you're interested.

Can't confirm email, Invalid Token

If you are having troubles confirming your account, go to your profile page and click on the button "Resend Email".
Then on your mailbox, make sure to open the new email (and not an older, similar, email) and click on the "Confirm my account" button.

eBonus is in the process of shutting down
The ability to earn Coins has been disabled, you can only spend your Coins on our current available prizes. Learn more here.