Watch 10 videos to earn 4 Coins!

How much Coins per video?

The number of videos per set and the number of Coins you earn varies (automatically) according to the current ad revenue values for your Country. For this reason, these values can go up and down very frequently.

To earn Coins watching videos, you have to watch a set of 10 videos.
You will earn 4 Coins when you complete this set.

There is no limit to how much videos or sets that you can watch.


Also, don't forget to click on the random Bubbles that appear and quickly disappear throughout to earn their value in Coins!

For a faster way of earning Coins try completing offers and/or tasks from our providers.

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Earn VRA tokens by watching videos and Verasity have partnered to give you VRA tokens for watching videos!
You can then change your VRA tokens to eBonus Coins to get your favorite games for free!

Exchange your VRA to Coins
Exchange your VRA to Coins

VRA to Coins - Tutorial

This IMPORTANT tutorial, will help you convert your VRA to Coins.

Converting VRA to Coins is a very simple process, but requires you to be very careful in order to not make any mistakes.
One mistake can make you lose all your VRA without earning any Coins!

You must be registered (and logged in) on the Verasity Wallet before continuing.

Start by clicking the rewards button on the top-right corner of the video.
Use the right arrow bellow for the next steps.

1 - Click on any of the rewards received;

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 1

2 - Click on "Redeem now";

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 2

3 - If you haven't done this before, complete your account details with valid details and then press "Submit";

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 3

4 - Click on "Main wallet";

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 4

5 - Click on the right button "Withdraw";

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 5

6 - Now you can choose one of two options: A - Withdraw to "" directly (recommended)
B - Withdraw to an "ERC-20 wallet" (advanced)

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 6

If you're going with option A, withdraw to "" directly, you just have to type the amount of VRA you want to convert to Coins and confirm withdrawal.
After confirming you will receive your Coins within a few minutes. Check here how much Coins you're getting:

If you went with option B, withdraw to an "ERC-20 wallet", the next steps are very IMPORTANT!

7 - Type the VRA amount to withdraw below, and then click on "Calculate exact amount & address" so that we calculate the correct amount and wallet address to send.

8 - Copy the wallet address from the last step and paste it on the "Enter wallet address" input.

9 - Copy the exact amount from the last step and paste it on the "Enter amount (VRA)" input.

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 7

10 - After clicking on "Withdraw", a message (similar to the image below) should appear. Click "Confirm withdrawal";

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 11

That's it, you're done!

Verasity Wallet Tutorial 12

You will receive an email confirming your withdraw. All withdraws are manually processed by Verasity and can take up to 24h to be processed.

After your withdraw is processed by Verasity, we will receive your VRA within a few minutes and reward you with Coins at the then current market rates.


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