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This is Stream. About our streamer, Ray:
"I started playing games since I was a kid (I played PS1 and SEGA just so you can see how old I am :D). Currently, my favorite games are CS:GO, League of Legends and Assassins Cread. I'll be the Streamer for ( they give me coins for this :D #Sellout ), my main goal here is to create a family along with the chat and, of course, give you coins!"

So you want coins? :)

You want more Coins for your account? :)
Just by leaving this page open, when the Stream is online, you will earn StreamPoints that you can convert to Coins!
Also, our streamer we'll be giving away Coins Codes every once in a while that you can use to win some Coins.
More details below!

By leaving the Stream, when online, open you'll receive 1 StreamPoint every 3 minutes. You'll then be able to exchange your StreamPoints for Coins that you can use to win your favorites games.

550 StreamPoints -> 500 Coins
1000 StreamPoints -> 1000 Coins

When you have 550 / 1000 StreamPoints type on the chat the command !code500 / !code1000 or go to this page to get an Coins code!


Our streamer's schedule will mainly be from 10PM to 12PM (GMT+1) everyday except for Thursdays. At weekends this schedule may vary for Special Streams during some more hours.

Where can I redeem the codes?

You can redeem the codes here

Why should I donate?

We can only keep our Stream Online and continue giving everyone Free Games at thanks to all of you amazing guys and girls that support us with donations :)
Even if it is just $1 it is highly appreciated.
We also have some rewards for those who donate.
Check them out at the donations section!

Stream commands

!code1000 - Win a 1000 Coins Code for Free! You need 1000 StreamPoints for this exchange.

!code500 - Win a 500 Coins Code for Free! You need 550 StreamPoints for this exchange.

!points- Check how many StreamPoints you have.

!song <song> - Song Request: What song do you want to hear on stream? (It must be NCS)

!gamble <amount> - gamble your StreamPoints, Gambling Outcomes on rolling the 100-sided die: 1-60: Lose <amount>, 61-98: 2x <amount>, 99-100: 3x <amount>

!info- For more information about StreamPoints.

!leaderboard - Want to know who has won more Coins with this Stream? Check our Leaderboard :)

!commands - All the commands that RevloBot responds to.

Benefits of Donating
By donating you'll be helping us keeping this Stream Up and continue giving everyone free Codes. You'll also receive the following benefits:

Donations of 3$ or more
- Donation will pop-up a Stream message
- You will earn one Random Steam CD-Key
- 1500 Coins code for

Donations of 5$ or more
- Donation will pop-up a Stream message
- You will earn one Random Steam CD-Key
- Each 5$ will give you a 3000 Coins code for (if you donate 20$ you'll get 4x 3000 Coins codes)

Donations of 10$ or more
- All you get from 5$+ donations;
- You will earn an extra Random PREMIUM Steam CD-Key

To donate, click here

Random PREMIUM Steam CD-Key

You'll receive a random Steam CD-Key that will never be worth less than 7.99$. You can get some awesome games here!

Random Steam CD-Key

You'll receive a random Steam CD-Key, at least 10% of this Keys are worth 9.99$ in Steam, or even more. Coins Code

Our streamer will giveaway Codes while the Stream is live. Just enter in the giveaway for a chance to win! You can redeem the codes here You can also get more Coins by donating or just by leaving the Stream open while it is online and collecting StreamPoints.

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