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About the Stream

How can I win Coins here?
When the Stream is online you'll win 1 Coin every 4 minutes by just being active and watching the stream. You can also win by joining the Lotto below the Stream.
When is the stream online?
The Stream will be online every time we have a Streamer to feature. We plan to deliver a complete schedule once we have enough Streamers :)
Click on the bell to get notified every time a new Streamer is online!
Are you a Twitch Streamer? Send us a message.
How does the Lotto work?
We do a Lotto round every 4 minutes and there is always a winner. You can participate for free, just click in the button to enter. The prize is a random value of Coins from 8 up to 100.
You can win the Lotto a maximum of 3 times each day.
Best practices
- Write in English. We know it's not easy for many of our users, but this is the most used language by Streamers and most of them won't understand anything but English.
- The featured Streamer is here trying to reach more users. If you like the Streamer, support him by following him and/or subscribing to his channel.
- If you don't like the Streamer, you can tell him by letting him know is faults, in an educated manner.
- Never be aggressive or rude to the Streamer. Don't harass, discriminate or use any kind of hate speech on the chat. Most streamers don't allow this on their Channel and you can get banned for this, which means you won't be able to earn Coins from their Stream.
The Stream chat is not owned or maintained by, when you send messages on the Chat you are getting in contact with the Streamer.
This means that the available Stream commands will vary with the Streamer and won't be related to any feature.
How can I get my Stream/Product featured here?
Contact us - we always reply within 1-2 working days.
Does this website work?
Yes! :) already delivered more than 50 000 prizes to our members all around the world!