WWE Towers Is New Game Mode For WWE 2K19

WWE Towers Is New Game Mode For WWE 2K19

I am a lifelong wrestling fan and have been playing wrestling games since I stumbled across WWF Super Stars in my local arcade back in the late 80’s. With that being said the annual WWE game from 2K is something that has really disappointed me from a single player point of view the last two years. This year though I am hoping that WWE Towers is going to change that.

WWE Towers is the new single player mode in WWE 2K19 and it sounds very interesting. The idea is that you have a series of towers and each one will have its own set of wrestlers, challenges, match types, stipulations, buffs and so on that you have to contend with. 

On the 2K website, they show some of these such as Tour Of WWE, Women’s Revolution, Monsters and a few dedicated to Legends. Speaking of Legends, 2K has said that the Legends Lore tower will showcase highlights from all of the WWE Legends in the game.

I think this sounds like a very interesting mode. It is like a mixture of the old WWE games where you could pick a wrestler and just wrestle a series of opponents to become the WWE Champion and the Tower mode that was in the Mortal Kombat reboot.

The WWE games the last two years have been a disappointment at best. WWE 2K18 featured terrible single player game modes and was filled with glitches. Hopefully as well as this new WWE Towers mode in WWE 2K19, 2K games have made Yukes work on the overall technical aspects of the game as well as the presentation. 

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