Wrecking Ball Is Overwatch’s New Hero 

Wrecking Ball Is Overwatch’s New Hero 

Since Overwatch launched a couple of years ago, Blizzard has done a fantastic job of adding new fun and exciting heroes to the mix. For me the best one so far is Orisa… or maybe Sombra? Well, it is one of those two. Anyway, we knew that a new Overwatch hero was coming and we now know that hero is the adorable, but deadly Wrecking Ball!

Rumors were rampant that the next hero would be another “experiment” like Winston. Actually, one that was really picking up steam was that it would be some kind of mecha gorilla. Well the rumors were kind of true as Wrecking Ball is yet another experiment and he also has a mech!

Wrecking Ball looks awesome. He is a very cute hamster who traverses the maps on his mech which can turn into a ball. He can shoot a grappling hook onto surfaces that allow him to swing (hence the name, Wrecking Ball) and even climb up surfaces. As I play the console version of Overwatch (Xbox One) I have not be able to play as him as he is currently available on PTR for PC Overwatch players.

I have watched a lot of videos about him and he looks like a ton of fun. I love playing as D.Va and Orisa so tanks are a class that I tend to gravitate to so I am sure that I am going to have a lot of fun with Wrecking Ball. One of the most amusing things about him is the way that he talks. He talks with these cute little squeaks, but his mech then translates them and it kind of sounds like Vin Diesel!

No word on when us console players can play as Wrecking Ball in Overwatch, but I would bet that it is real soon. 

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