Would League Of Legends Be A Success On Console?

Would League Of Legends Be A Success On Console?

Ok, so I have kind of dropped out of the League Of Legends scene during the last year or so. Nothing wrong with the game, other games came and I just sort of stopped playing. A friend of mine still does and asked the question, if League Of Legends was released on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, would I get back into it?

It was a pretty interesting question and some big PC online games like Smite and Path Of Exile. But what about League? To be honest I think that playing League Of Legends with a console controller sounds like a bit of a chore. But there was that weird console in China (kind of like a Steam Machine) that was released with the intention of playing League Of Legends. It came with a controller and I do not remember hearing too many complaints.

Although I do think a player, playing with a controller would be at a serious disadvantage over one with a keyboard and mouse set up.

But then I got to thinking some more. What if Riot Games made League Of Legends for the console, but instead of just a standard port with the same kind of controller support we already have on PC. They really revamped the UI and made the more suitable for being played with a controller. I mean, I do think it could be done with some work and while for us long time League players it may take a little getting used to. I do think for console players who have only ever heard of League Of Legends, but never actually played it. I do think for them it would be pretty awesome. Especially if they made it so all console players had to use a controller. It would be a good way to keep people on a level playing field.

In all honesty, I am not sure how well League Of Legends would do on a console. I think it is the kind of thing that would generate a bit of buzz in the begging, but then kind of drift off.

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