Will You Change Your PSN Name?

Will You Change Your PSN Name?

Having the ability to change your PSN username is something that many PlayStation fans have wanted for years. Xbox can do it so why can’t PlayStation. I have to be honest and say that I thought this would never happen, well turns out it is happening and it happening very soon.

If you are part of the PlayStation Preview Program then you will be able to test this new feature throughout November. You can change your username as much as you like during this beat. However, when it fully rolls out in the new year. Sony has said that you can change your username once for free. After this, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you will have to pay 4.99. If you are not you will have to pay, 9.99. This is a similar system to what Microsoft has.

Now, this all sounds good, but there is something very, very weird about this and it is something people seem to be overlooking. Sony themselves has said that some games will not be able to support this and some games may have errors when you try to play them with your changed name! They have said that any game released after April 2018 will be fine, but before this, they cannot guarantee that all games will work as they should.

You can go back in and change your name back if you find that a PlayStation 3, Vita or even an older PS4 game is not running right. This to me though sounds like way more work and hassle than it should be for something like this, especially if they are asking you to pay for it.

PlayStation.com is going to have a full list of games that are compatible with the name change before April 1st. While I like the idea of being able to change my PSN name I find it pretty insane that there is the possibility it is going to cause problems with older games. This is clearly why they have been reluctant to do this.

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