Will Xbox All Access Work?

Will Xbox All Access Work?

In case you have not heard the news. Microsoft is taking the phone approach to gaming where for a monthly fee you get a “free Xbox One” Xbox Live Gold and also Xbox Game Pass. It is a very similar model to what phone companies do, but will it work with video games?

Currently Xbox All Access is a USA only thing and for $21.99 a month, you will get a brand new Xbox One S, a two year subscription to Xbox Live Gold and a two year subscription to Game Pass. If you pay $34.99 per month then you can get an Xbox One X instead of an Xbox One S.

I actually think this is a fantastic deal. Many people pay twice sometimes three times as this for the latest Samsung or iPhone so I think the asking price is very generous. Also once the two years are up, the console is yours to keep and do whatever you want with it.

This could be a very clever way to get people into the world of Xbox. You are getting the console and a huge library of games thanks to Game Pass right off the bat. The only thing that I have not been able to find out for 100 percent sure is if the Xbox One S console they are giving you has a 500 GB or a 1TB hard drive inside of it.

It is no secret that Xbox has fallen behind Sony this console generation, but by bringing this deal out now they could potentially hook a whole bunch of people on Xbox before they launch the successor to the Xbox One in either 2019 or 2020. I am sure this holiday season being able to get an Xbox One in this manner, plus with a library of 100 games, plus the Games With Gold that you get each month will seem like a very attractive prospect to many parents out there looking to get their kid a video game system. 

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