Will The Battle Pass Make or Break Apex Legends?

Will The Battle Pass Make or Break Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a game that for most of us came out of nowhere and those who have gotten into it have really enjoyed it. As this is a free to play Battle Royale style game. We all knew that there was some kind of “pass” coming to the game and while we know for sure that an Apex Legends Battle Pass is coming, we do not know much else.

Respawn did release a roadmap for their vision of this first year of Apex Legends and the roadmap is split up into four seasons which you would assume will take us to the beginning of 2020.

Season 1 has Battle Pass listed and it is listed as it is the most prominent feature of this first season. Season 1 is listed as starting at some point in March and lasting until June which is when Season 2 will start. We know that each season is going to have its own Battle Pass, but what exactly that Battle Pass will have is still being hotly debated.

A huge rumor that is going around is that there will be a Battle Pass for players who want to pay and for players who want to pay for free. It is very similar to what Epic has done with their Battle Pass for Fortnite. In all honesty that for me is the best way to go about this. Fortnite has nailed it with their Battle Pass and it makes sense for Respawn to “copy” that instead of trying to come up with something new.

There is a ton of good will floating around with Apex Legends so I would assume that not just Respawn, but EA wants to keep that going. EA is often looked at as the villains in the gaming world, but here they have a good chance to do something right. So with that in mind, I would bet that the Apex Legends Battle Pass will be the same price as the Fortnite one or maybe even less. If they could get this out for say, 4 or 5 bucks people would be very happy.

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