Will Fortnite Change The Way Gamers Feel About Triple A Titles?

Will Fortnite Change The Way Gamers Feel About Triple A Titles?

Let me start by saying that I am 36 years old, have been laying video games for around 30 of those and I actually do enjoy playing Fortnite. I can see why the game is so popular and it is taking over the world. People are having a blast with this game and best of all it is free! You can get a ton out of this game without ever spending a penny. 

The fact that this free to play game is all that anyone plays at the moment has got me thinking if Fortnite is going to change the landscape of video games. I am not talking about my generation. I think many of us are set in our ways and we have an expectation for a few big budget 60 bucks triple A blockbusters each year….. but I am talking about the next generation of gamer. 

My son is 10 and he and his buddies play Fortnite together all the time…. Like all the time. It is all they play. They are hooked and they are having a great time playing it. They all play on Xbox One together and it got to the point where my wife actually made him turn off the Xbox so he could go out and get some fresh air. 

Kids (and many adults too) are spending all their free gaming time playing Fortnite. A game that they are having a lot of fun with and a game that they can enjoy without paying a penny. Hell if you are playing it on PlayStation, you do not even need to pay for PlayStation Plus to enjoy it! Even the campaign that you can buy is pretty reasonably priced. 

If you have a kid who is 10 years old now who is exposed to this kind of high quality free to play game, it is going to be very hard to get them to part with their birthday or Christmas money for a 60 bucks game. I feel that the big triple A game is always going to have a place, but I do feel that more companies are going to see the success Epic Games have had with Fortnite and try a similar model. 

Imagine if Activision decides to offer some kind of Battle Royal/Free To Play version of Call Of Duty! Or if EA decide that you no longer need to buy the full retail version of Fifa to play Ultimate Team!

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