Will Activision Bring Call Of Duty To The Switch?

Will Activision Bring Call Of Duty To The Switch?

Like you guys, I am very excited for Call Of Duty WWII (I have had my pre order for the PS4 version in for quite a while now) but I must admit, part of me was hopeful that Activision would surprise us all and announce that the game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

I think that had Call Of Duty WWII been coming out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, we very well might have seen this happen, but as the Switch is not as powerful as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, perhaps Activision felt it was more trouble than it was worth.

Before some of you think that Call Of Duty would not work on a Nintendo console it is worth pointing out that the GameCube and the Wii both had Call Of Duty games released for them as did the Nintendo DS. Heck, Activision were even all in with the Nintendo Wii U at first, bringing Black Ops II to it and had the console sold better, I honestly think we would have seen the other Call Of Duty games appear on there.

I think that Activision may have been waiting to see just how well the Nintendo Switch performed before they jumped in. Well, the Switch is selling like chocolate filled hotcakes so I really do think that Activision must be thinking about bringing Call Of Duty to the Switch. As far as I know, no big first person shooters are due out on the Switch! So whoever hits first has a huge advantage, especially if they can mix good local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

I think there is an audience on the Nintendo Switch for a game like Call Of Duty, the audience of the Switch is not just kids, many older gamers have gotten a real kick out of the console and I am sure they would love to have the option to play something like Call Of Duty on the console.

The big question is would Activision just make a port of WWII or whatever the next Call Of Duty game is for the Switch or would they make a special game that plays to the consoles strengths and is an exclusive?

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