Why You Have To Reinstall Overwatch

Why You Have To Reinstall Overwatch

We have already talked about how Ashe is coming to Overwatch very soon. While that is really cool news. Blizzard has announced that the update which is going to add Ashe to the game is so substantial that it goes way beyond a standard update and will require you to reinstall the Overwatch client!

This is not the worst news in the world as the Overwatch file size is actually very modest compared to some other games that have been released recently (I am looking at you Red Dead II!) and as of right now it is coming in at only around 15 GB., Of course, this update could greatly increase that. After all Ashe’s robot bodyguard BOB is one big rough and tough dude so that could be what this next installment of Overwatch cannot be contained in a mere couple of GB update!

In all seriousness, Blizzard has said that this next update, the one that will contain Ashe is going to be doing a lot of things “under the hood” and that is why they require you to fully reinstall the game from scratch. Of course, all your stats, records, and skins you have unlocked will remain. Plus as Overwatch is not a massively large game, you do not have to worry about having to wait a whole day for the install to happen.

While Blizzard has not given a concrete release date forrthe Ashe update just yet. We do know that their Christmas event will be happening in the coming weeks so you would think that their Ashe update would take place before that.

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