Why Mercy Is The Unsung Hero Of The Overwatch League

Why Mercy Is The Unsung Hero Of The Overwatch League

So Blizzards Overwatch League preseason is now over and it gave us all a little taste of what we can expect when the league tries to take over the world of ESports in January.

I had a lot of fun watching the Overwatch League preseason and felt that the new spectator mode actually worked really well. It let you see what was going on well and the team colors that give each team their own personality were a lot of fun.

As far as I could tell each team had a player controlling Mercy, but this was one character that was not really focused on during battles. Playing as Mercy is something that I simply cannot do as I suck at being a healing, but I have played a ton of Overwatch (not at the level of these guys of course) so I know who having a skilled Mercy player on your team can make all the difference.

I have read some articles where people are complaining that the work of a skilled Mercy player goes largely unnoticed in the Overwatch League. I think that kind of sucks and is a bit unfair to the people who play as Mercy, but the fact of the matter is watching someone go around healing people is nowhere near as much fun as watching as skilled Widow Maker player take down a bunch of people with well timed headshots!

I get this, but at the same time, I can really appreciate just how important Mercy is to these pro Overwatch teams and honestly I feel that the teams who are going to do the best in the Overwatch League are the ones that have a Mercy player who knows exactly what they are doing!

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