Why Are People So Welcoming Of Ports On The Nintendo Switch?

Why Are People So Welcoming Of Ports On The Nintendo Switch?

I love the Nintendo Switch, I have been playing Nintendo since I got an NES for Christmas in 1989 so Nintendo has been part of my life for the better part of three decades at this point. However, with the Nintendo Switch, I have noticed a rather strange trend a “Nintendo can do no wrong” kind of trend that appears to be happening..

If you go back to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, people did nothing, but complain about HD remasters. If you look at this console generation of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it was even worse with not just HD remasters, but collections and definitive editions. People were quick to complain in the early days about the number of definitive editions that were coming out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not only is Nintendo getting a pass for this, people are actually welcoming it and wanting more! 

I am not against this kind of thing, I love getting the chance to play games that I really like. But I find it very strange how something that was sniggered at and complained about is now fine and great.  

Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Country, Dragon Ball Xenoverse II, One Piece, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Pokken Tournament, Skyrim and Lego City Undercover are just a few of the games that I have in my collection (and pre-ordered) for the Nintendo Switch that I have already enjoyed on other consoles. That is a lot of definitive editions and remasters in one year, isn’t it? 

I get that the Wii U was a huge failure in terms of sales and that for many people this is the first time they are getting to experience these games, but while it is their first time it is not like this is their first chance to play these games.  

Like I said, I have always enjoyed playing games I like again so for me personally I have no issue, I just find it odd that something that was criticized as little as two years ago is now something that is fully encouraged. 

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