What Will The Next Retro Mini Console Be?

What Will The Next Retro Mini Console Be?

We are just a couple of weeks away from the PlayStation Classic launch and surely the announcement of the Nintendo 64 Classic has to be happening sooner than later? Still with the NES Classic, SNES Classic, The Neo-Geo Mini and the Mega Drive Mini coming soon. Retro consoles are a pretty big deal these days.

So that got me thinking what is going to be the next big retro mini console. We know that next year we have the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Classic Mini which from the sounds of it, Sega now is having a much more hands on approach with. 2019 is also more than likely going to see the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini as well.

I for one would love to see a Sega Master System Mini. I grew up in the UK and over here the Master System reigned supreme over the NES. On the flip side of that, USA gamers who did not grow up with a Master System, but like Sega would love to get the chance to play some of the classic Master System games.

The main Classic Mini that I would love to see may sound like a pipe dream, but I think a PlayStation 2 Classic would be huge, Sony would not be able to keep this on store shelves! You may think that the games would be too big, but storage space is very cheap these days and with the max size of a PlayStation 2 disc being 4.7 GB which not all games even used. You could easily have 20 games on a 100 GB HD and an HD or storage drive of that size can be bought for next to nothing these days. I am sure if Sony did make a PlayStation 2 Classic it would have to be somewhere in the $120-$150 mark, but if there is one console that could pull that kind of price tag off it is the PS2.

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