What Will Pokemon On Nintendo Switch Be Like?

What Will Pokemon On Nintendo Switch Be Like?

Today I want to talk about a game that is going to be a monster (or should I say pocket monster?) on the Nintendo Switch and that is Pokemon.

We all know that this game is coming, Nintendo has said that it is coming in 2018 or later which is the most unhelpful release date I have ever heard! They might as well have said the game is in development, but we have no clue when it will be released.

What we do know about Pokemon Switch is that it is going to be a full-on Pokemon game, not some kind of spin-off like most Nintendo consoles have gotten in the past. The last console Pokemon game that felt “Pokemon” like in my opinion was Pokemon Coliseum on the Nintendo Game Cube.

With the Nintendo Switch, Game Freak has the chance to bring Pokemon to the big screen in a way that has never been done before. A full Pokemon RPG experience, but one that you can actually play on your TV as well as on the go sounds awesome. However, I for one would like to see a change to the Pokemon formula, you would have to think that there are going to be some people who will have this as their first Pokemon game and I really want it to be spectacular.

Now do not freak out, but I think maybe having less Pokemon in this game is the way to go! I know that we all want to “Catch Them All” but this is going to be the most graphically impressive Pokemon game to date, thanks to the hardware. So perhaps having less Pokemon (but least 150) would result in a much better looking game. Speaking of 150, there has been some speculation that this next Pokemon game could be a reboot of the series, but at the same time, I have read that Pokemon Switch could be Pokemon Stars which many people feel would be a merging of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It is a lot of fun to speculate what Pokemon Switch will be. For me personally, I want a full on 3D RPG style experience. With a large open world that I can go explore, gyms I can compete in and I also would love an engaging story.

The Nintendo Switch is already selling like crazy and you would have to think that a new Pokemon game is going to sell a couple million more!

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