What We Need In WWE 2K19!

What We Need In WWE 2K19!

I have been playing wrestling video games for the better part of 30 years now and words cannot say how disappointed I have been with the last two games from Yukes and 2K. As the only wrestling game, we get each year, the annual WWE game is actually stripping back features rather than adding new ones. These are features that I feel NEED to be added to the WWE 2K19.

Single Player Content

Take away the matches and what exactly is there to do in WWE 2K18? Career Mode absolutely sucks, it is even worse in 2K18 than it was is WWE 2K17! It is a boring mess of a mode that is about as much fun as a toothache. WWE Universe is a mode that some fans love, but for most of us it is just micromanaging every little detail that makes the mode more of a chore and there is no end game in sight. We need a mode where you can pick a wrestler and try and win a title….. something wrestling games have been doing since the 80’s! Even modern fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice and Marvel vs Capcom have a simple arcade mode where you beat a series of characters with anyone you want.

New Moves

To be fair many moves are added to these games each year, but some moves a chokeslam, for example, appear to use animations that are 10 years old! Any other game would be blasted for this, but for some reason, WWE fans are willing to overlook this. 

2/3 Year Development Cycle

Ok so this is not something specific for WWE 2K19, but the WWE series in general. I feel that a one year development time is clearly not enough anymore. Get a second developer on board and do it the same way Call Of Duty does it. Each developer will have a couple of years to work on the game and we can have an arcade style wrestling game one year and a sim (WWE 2K) style game the following year. It will help keep things fresh and stop it from feeling like we are getting the same game over and over again.

Fewer Glitches

I cannot remember the last WWE game that was released and did not require a huge ass patch day one or a few smaller ones in the run up to the holidays. This year the Nintendo Switch took things to a whole new level as that version of the game is 100 percent unplayable! The one year development cycle is the reason for this, but it still sucks. 

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