What Next For the Arkham Series?

What Next For the Arkham Series?

I have been hearing of rumors and even teases from Rocksteady themselves that a new Batman game is going to be revealed soon. Last time I heard this was in regards to the video game awards. Well, that came and went and I still have no new Batman!

The Arkham series of video games are fantastic, yes even Arkham Origins is a great game. The storytelling, the large number of things to do and the attention to detail make them truly awesome games. Games that are even better if you are a fan of the world of DC, but they are so well made, even those who have a passing interest in Batman will love them.

So far we have four games in the series. The last game, Batman Arkham Knight was released a few years back and you could say that it ended the saga. It closed everything up perfectly and that was that. At the time I remember hearing stories that Rocksteady was done with the world of Batman and I thought it could be true.

There though has been a lot of rumors the last year in particular about a new Arkham game from Rocksteady. What could this game be? I have heard talk of a game based on the Batman Beyond series, a game based on The Justice League and even a game based on Suicide Squad!

No matter what it is I am really excited to hear some kind of news or confirmation about what the guys and gals at Rocksteady are doing with the DC license.

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