What Is The Best Overwatch Event?

What Is The Best Overwatch Event?

I have been having a blast with the Overwatch Anniversary. The best part about this has been the way each day, Blizzard has brought back one of the different anniversary events. Well, today I am being brave as I pick my top three Overwatch events so far.

  3: Mei’s Snowball Offensive

This is the most relaxed of all the events that I have taken part in. It is very simple, you and your team need to shoot the other Mei’s with snowballs. What makes it tricky is that your gun can only hold one shot at a time, so you have to think before you shoot. It is just a fun mode and a mode that can be over pretty quick so it was good for scoring some quick and easy XP. The only thing that is annoying is when you are ready to leave the room at the start of a match and some jerk (on your own team!) puts up an ice wall.

  2: Retribution

This was the last event that we got and wow was it impressive. Blizzard went all out with this and it is as close to an Overwatch story mode as we have gotten so far. It is a PvE mode that shows how Reyes went over to the dark side! It is very interesting to see and getting to play as Genji, Reaper, Mora, and McCree was pretty neat. I think that Retribution is a lot easier than Uprising and I think that is part of why I had so much fun with it.

1: Junkenstein's Revenge

I have loved getting a couple of chances to play Junkenstein's Revenge again and the day I write this is the second time it has been part of this current Anniversary event although this time it is the mode where you have to last for 12 waves. I freaking love Junkenstein's Revenge. I love the lore behind it, the narration, the character designs and in general it is just a really, really fun game mode. It is by far my favorite of the different events/game modes that Blizzard have added to Overwatch so far. 

I would love to know what special game modes have been your favorite in Overwatch so far in the comments below. 


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