What Is The Best Call Of Duty Game?

What Is The Best Call Of Duty Game?

Call Of Duty has been in the news a lot lately. We have the upcoming Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII and Call Of Duty WWII is still going strong with a current community event and the next DLC pack a few weeks away. But what is the best game in the series?

I have been interested in Call Of Duty since its inception. Quick little backstory. During my university years, I worked in a video game store. Before the original Call Of Duty came out we had a rep who represented Activision tell us about the game and he sold it very well, so well that I was super into it and disappointed that I would have to wait a little while for a console release.

Anyway, I love this series! Today I am looking at what my top three Call Of Duty games are and I would love to know what your pics are in the comments below.

Number 3: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Xbox 360

To say that the first Modern Warfare was a game changer is an understate. The Call Of Duty series before this was always set in the past so getting a modern setting was a huge breath of fresh air and made the series even more interested. I actually prefer this to the second Modern Warfare! It has a fantastic story and at the time the graphics were phenomenal. I was not a huge online gamer, but this was a game all my friends had as well so I made an effort to get on Xbox Live and play this as much as I could. In all honesty, the whole Modern Warfare series is great, but this game had more punch than the rest.

Number 2: Call Of Duty WWII

PlayStation 4

I am currently still playing this game now that is how much I love it. Call Of Duty WWII got many people back into the series who felt let down by Infinite Warfare. This game has it all. A fantastic campaign, awesome multiplayer, genuinely scary zombies and a brand new game mode called War Mode that made the multiplayer action even more fun. It has had some of the best DLC and community events of any Call Of Duty game and it is still going strong right now!

Number 1: Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

PlayStation 4

This is not a troll move or me trying to be edgy. I have legit had more fun with Infinite Warfare than any other Call Of Duty game. I know that people felt taking COD to the distant future and outer space was going too far, but I freaking loved it. Those who actually gave the chance got to experience one hell of a game. I love the multiplayer of Infinite Warfare. The maps are fantastic and just so much fun to play. But what I really love about this game is the campaign and the zombie's mode. The campaign is like you are playing a role in a 300 million dollar sci-fi movie. Zombie has never been done better than it is here. The campy feel of the Zombies In Space Land scenario is awesome and all of the Zombies DLC was a lot of fun as well.

I know some eyebrows will be raised at my picks, but please remember these are MY picks. I would love to know what game you consider to be the best Call Of Duty game in the comments below. 

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