What Is In league Of Legends Patch 8.5?

What Is In league Of Legends Patch 8.5?

No doubt you are aware of the latest 8.5 League Of Legends patch. However, I wanted to share the things that I feel are most important about this patch. Let me know in the comments section what you are excited for in this patch!

Kai’Sa: This is our first new champion of 2018 and fans could not be any more excited. He has a pretty cool backstory that sees her coming back from the Void to take on the world outside and maybe even find her father. She is an Ad Carry kind of character. It is said that she does not do a ton of damage, but her speed is going to make her very dangerous in the right hands.

Open Party System: Riot have listened to the fans and by the time the League Of Legends 8.5 patch is done and dusted, setting up a game will be much easier. If you host an open party, your friends can just jump in before a battle and play. No longer having to send out invites is a welcome change!

Illaoi’s New Skin: Has it really been two years? Well yes, it has and now Illaoi is finally getting a brand new skin. Resistance Illaoi is what us fans voted for and this new skin is going to be a huge part of the 8.5 patch as many people have wanted a new skin for quite some time. 

Of course, there is a lot more happening in this patch such as Rengar and Swain getting some serious work done on them to make them have more of a chance in battle and be more fun to play as. Banner of Command has come to an end…. Which many people will be thankful for and there are many other changes and improvements that are being included as part of this patch. Like I said in the intro, I would love to know what aspects of the League Of Legends 8.5 patch you are most excited about and interested in. 

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