What Is Happening With The Square Enix Avengers Game?

What Is Happening With The Square Enix Avengers Game?

It is pretty crazy to think that we got the very short teaser trailer for the Avengers game from the folks at Square Enix nearly two years ago! I was randomly thinking about this game the other day and how strange it all is.

First of all Square Enix seem like such a strange company to be making a game based on The Avengers. Not only that, Square Enix has their A-Team working on this game as Crystal Dynamics have been the ones behind it, the same team that made the awesome Tomb Raider reboot.

Outside of a very short teaser trailer which showed no gameplay footage, story points or anything at all really. The only thing we have had to go on is some vague job listings that have been posted. Job listings which have made some gaming media outlets speculate that The Avengers from Square Enix is going to be some kind of online 3rd person action game.

A 3rd person action game based on The Avengers does kind of make sense, but there was that canceled first person Avengers game that looked fun so maybe that would be a good way for them to go? It is pretty insane that we know so little about a game that was announced nearly two years ago. Of course with Shadow of the Tomb Raider being released a few months ago, Kingdom Hearts 3 due out in January and Final Fantasy VII deep in development. Square Enix has a lot of spinning plates to keep an eye on. Still, with a franchise as huge as The Avengers, I would have thought that there would be more interest in a game like this.

So what do I think the Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics Avengers game will be? I honestly have no idea, but I do think a 3rd person action game is a safe bet. What I would personally love to see though is a game like Overwatch set in the world of The Avengers, I think that would work very well and be a lot of fun.

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