What Is Going On With The Battlefield V Launch?

What Is Going On With The Battlefield V Launch?

Last year EA and DICE released Star Wars Battlefront II. It is actually a fantastic game, but many people did not know that due to the mess of a launch it had thanks to EA’s pure greed. With that fresh in people’s memories you would think that their launch of this years, Battlefield V would be nice and smooth……. That is not the case.

The launch for Battlefield V is so complex, weird and unnecessary that EA has had to release a guide on how you can buy the game!

The official launch date for Battlefield V is November 20th. However, you can play the game on November 9th on PC if you are a Premier EA Origin member. If you are just as Basic EA Origin member, you can still play the game on November 9th, but only for 10 hours. Xbox One players who have EA Access can also play the game for 10 hours on this day.

Now while November 20th is is the official release date. This is only if you want or have pre-ordered the standard edition. If you are getting the Deluxe Edition of Battlefield V you can get it on November 15th.

Then there are the game modes. Battlefield V is stacked. It has its multiplayer mode, single player mode, and Battle Royale. Only it is not launching with all these things. The War Stories single player campaign is not going to be finished until December and the Battlefield V Battle Royale mode is not going to be ready until March of next year.

I have talked a lot about how the last couple of months of 2018 are stacked with huge game releases and Battlefield V is going to have a hard time finding its place when the competition is so fierce. Especially with an unnecessarily over complex launch like this.

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