What Could Have Been: Disney Infinity 4.0

What Could Have Been: Disney Infinity 4.0

I could not have been any more invested in Disney Infinity. Actually, I have never spent more money on a game at launch than I did Disney Infinity 2.0. I knew that work on the fourth game was well underway, but recently a leaked video of Disney Infinity 4.0 has been leaked.

Disney Infinity 4.0 has the subtitle of Kingdoms and the level that is shown in the video is an Aladdin video. It shows Aladdin and Yoda working together. Now granted the version of the game that is shown is far from complete, but you can tell they were pretty far along in development before Disney pulled the plug.

Rather than having Marvel, Star Wars and Disney all separate. Kingdoms looked like it was smashing these worlds together, kind of similar to what Kingdom Hearts did. I think that each Disney Infinity game offered improvements from the last so it would have been very interesting to see what they could have come up with for Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms.

It was revealed quite some time ago that there was to be a playset for Moana as well as a figure of Dr. Strange so you have to wonder if these would have been add-ons for 3.0 or if they were intended for 4.0?

It is such a shame that Disney decided to can this series as it had a lot of charm. Sadly the toys to life thing was never going to last forever, but at its core, Disney Infinity was actually a really fun game and one that I had a lot of fun playing through with my son.

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