What Comes After Super Mario Odyssey?

What Comes After Super Mario Odyssey?
I will admit that as I write this I am sitting at around 500 – 600 moons in Super Mario Odyssey so I am a very long way from being done with the game as so far it is certainly one of my top games of 2017. Nintendo really has crafted a masterpiece with Super Mario Odyssey and as much as I am enjoying the game and as much gameplay as I have in front of me, I would be lying if I said I did not have one eye on the future and wondering what is coming next for the Super Mario series? With Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo made something that was very new, but it was woven with some lovely threads of nostalgia that tucked at the heartstrings. So much so that I wonder if Nintendo has used all their nostalgia points with this Mario game? Mario fans love it when Nintendo put things from past games in a modern game, but I cannot think of another game that did it as much or as well as Mario Odyssey. For me, for the next game in the main Super Mario series, I would love to see Nintendo still tug at those heartstrings, but I feel doing it in a different way would be awesome. The way I am talking about is something along the lines of Super Mario in Nintendo Land, a game where Mario can travel to places like Hyrule, Mute City, Planet Zebes, Dreamland and many more. I loved the gimmick of Super Mario Odyssey and think if they kept a similar thing where Mario had to use enemy power ups, but the power ups were from totally different games would be a lot of fun. I am not saying that we need to forget about Super Mario Odyssey already, far from it. It is just I always have a fantastic game with the main games in the Super Mario series as Nintendo always do a great job so it keeps me wondering what they have in store for us next.

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