What Can We Expect From Battlefield V?

What Can We Expect From Battlefield V?

While information is very scarce, we know for a fact that later in 2018, Battlefield V is coming to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Battlefield 1 was a huge hit and many people (myself included) have been wondering what they had in store for us next. 

EA and Dice really need a win after the mess that was Star Wars Battlefront II (which I still think is a good game by the way) and I think they will do it with Battlefield V. 

To start with, people behind the game have already come out and said that they are wary of loot boxes and that any that are part of Battlefield V will be for cosmetic items only. I really like this (it is kind of like what Overwatch do) and feel it is the way loot boxes should be, none of this pay to win garbage! 

We also know that Battlefield V is going to be set during World War II, of course, the last game in the Battlefield series to be set during World War II was Battlefield 1943, which came out all the way back in 2009, so it has been a while. 

While we all know that Battlefield V is going to bring it when it comes to the multiplayer action. One thing that I am actually very interested in is the campaign. I actually really liked what ice did with the campaign in Battlefield 1. My only problem with it was that it was far too short. I know that the focus of Battlefield will always be multiplayer. But they really did create an interesting series of events in Battlefield 1. 

I would love to see them try to do a longer more deep narrative in Battlefield V. EA are due to hold their EA Play event before this year’s E3, so we will no doubt get a ton of new information about what exactly Battlefield V is going to be then. 

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