What Are The Best Xbox One Exclusives Of 2017?

What Are The Best Xbox One Exclusives Of 2017?

As we are coming to the end of 2017, I felt that I would share with you what I consider to be the best Xbox One exclusive games of 2017. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and if your top three is different, I would love to read about it in the comments down below.


Cuphead may be brutally difficult (and I would go as far to say a little unfair in places) but man I have had a blast with this. I have actually played through this with my son and we have had a great time doing so. It is balls to the wall action and once you get the parrying down, you will have a much easier time with the game. The old school art style is truly breathtaking and makes it one of the best looking games of the year. I am honestly excited to see what comes next from the guys behind Cuphead.

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 was one of the Xbox One exclusives that were released early in 2017 and a game many people seem to have forgotten about already. Real time strategy is not my thing at all, I will admit that, but the Halo Wars series has dumbed it down enough that I can get in and actually have some fun with it. Halo is one of my favorite video game series and Halo Wars 2 is a game that really did give me a lot of enjoyment early in 2017, even if I have not touched it in a few months.

Forza Motorsport 7

I remember when the first Forza game was released. I am not a huge “realistic” racing kind of guy. But the graphics blew me away and made me want to try the game. Forza 7 is just pure eye candy and I really wish I had an Xbox One X so I could see it in all its glory. While it is nice to look at, Forza Motorsport 7 is also a great deal of fun. It is the kind of game that does have a learning curve, but I always felt it was a very fair one and each time I tried a race, I did a little better.

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