What Are The Best PS4 Exclusives Of 2017

What Are The Best PS4 Exclusives Of 2017

I think that the PlayStation 4 has had a great year in 2017 and here are my picks for the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games of 2017! Of course, these are my personal picks, so if yours are different let me know in the comments below.

Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy

It is about time we got something new from Crash (well not counting Skylanders) and this compilation certainly did not disappoint. It featured the first three Crash Bandicoot games all remastered in glorious HD. These games were hard as nails and did feature some, let’s just say cheap deaths. But each game was so much fun that you kept telling yourself, just one more try…. Even when you were on your 50th try! This is just a really fun game and getting three games for the price of one is always great.

Horizon Zero Dawn

If I had to make a list of my favorite games of 2017, this would be very close to the top. Set in a fascinating world where machine beasts roam the land. You play the role of this young woman called, Aloy as she goes on a journey to discover what is really going on, who she is and what these mechanical beasts really are. It is best described as a 3rd person action RPG style game and I do not want to say much about the story as it is one of the best of 2017 and deserves to be experienced firsthand.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

I will admit that for me Uncharted 4 closed the series perfectly and I thought I was done with this world and I had very little interest in playing a game centered around Chloe. Well, boy was I wrong, this budget priced title blew me away! It may not be as large in scale as the other Uncharted games, but it featured fantastic gameplay, a ton of things to collect and actually made me realize that this series could move beyond Nathan Drake. It is just a fantastic game and one of the few games of 2017 that I actually beat multiple times.

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