Video Game Collecting: The Thrill Of The Hunt

Video Game Collecting: The Thrill Of The Hunt

Like many of you reading this I am a collector of video games. I have been gaming since around 1985 and as I am a bit of a hoarder (my wife’s description, not mine) I have built up a rather large video game collection.
I would not really say I have a favorite system and when I am out and about looking for games, any system is fair game.

Anyway, I see many collectors now, especially those new to the hobby who are just so focused on the number of games they have and how their game collection looks. That I feel many people are missing a huge part of what makes video game collecting so much fun and that is the thrill of the hunt.

Sure I could go on eBay and buy any game I want, but where is the fun in that? I have done it before and if there is a game going cheap that I am interested in then I will use eBay, but for me, video game collecting is all about hitting the pavement and finding gems out in the wild.

I live in the UK so my main places for game hunting are car boot sales (think of it like an outdoor flea market that only happens on a Sunday) and charity shops. There are some specialist retro shops, but I like to find my games for as cheap as possible and these are the best two ways to do it. I have scored pretty big at a few different charity shops over the years and I always throw them a little extra for their cause if I am getting games at a good price.

Now I have a son who is old enough to appreciate older games and video game hunting is something that we do together. We love it when it is car boot sale season and we can hit up a few car boot sales to try and score some retro gaming gold. We have more misses than hits these days, but it makes the hits that so much sweeter when they do happen.
So to you fellow game collectors. Do not just focus on the games on your shelf or your wish list. Enjoy the hunt, enjoy talking to the people in the stores, enjoy running into other collectors. And if you are lucky like I am and get to share this with your kid or someone else then make sure you really take the time to enjoy that as well.

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