Until Dawn Is Still One Of The Best PS4 Exclusives

Until Dawn Is Still One Of The Best PS4 Exclusives

The PlayStation 4 has had an incredible line up of exclusive games. It is certainly one area where it has well and truly trumped Xbox One (even though Halo and Gears are awesome) and I really do not see how anyone can dispute that.

The PlayStation 4 over the last couple of years has had some great games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War, Uncharted 4 and Yakuza 6 to name a few, but there is one that was released in 2015 that I feel is getting kind of forgotten about and that game is Until Dawn.

For years games tried their best to blur the line between movie and video game, some have done it better than others. I think that Until Dawn is a perfect example of a game that feels like a movie. The plot at first sounds generic. A bunch of teenagers go into the mountains for a wild weekend and then all hell breaks loose, people start dying, no one can be trusted and you are never sure what the hell is going to happen next.

You as the player actually have a lot of control and you really do start to build up a love of certain characters and a hatred towards others. It makes playing the game very tense and it sometimes gives you these very, very cruel choices where you are forced to make a decision with next to no time to react. It feels horrible, but man it is such a rush. 

The story while some may say is generic, I actually really liked, but I love movies like this so it was easy to win me over. What I think really sets it apart from the rest is how good this game looks and also the acting by the actors is fantastic. It is so easy to get sucked into the world of this game and when you do you are in for one hell of a ride.

Until Dawn is one of the crown jewels of the PlayStation 4 library and while it has many fans out there. I can see it in the future being a game that people look back on and say “man that really was a fantastic game”. If you have a PlayStation 4 and have still not given this game a try, I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

I just wish that Sony would let Supermassive Games make a sequel instead of having them make stuff for PlayStation VR, two of which are set in the same universe, Until Dawn Rush Of Blood and The Inpatient. 

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