Underrated game of 2016 : Killing Floor 2

Underrated game of 2016 : Killing Floor 2

You know when a game is called Killing Floor there is bound to be a lot of killing giving you a good idea what to expect from the actual game. Killing Floor 2 lives up to the name of the original game. Considering the entire game is just a massive zombie horde mode one would expect the game to not be fun and I thought the same thing that is until I actually played it. After playing the game for 70 hours I can guarantee that this games delivers what it promises and what it promises is a non-stop ballet of blood and death that won’t get stale anytime soon. Gameplay

In terms of gameplay Killing Floor 2 is a lot like Doom, you’re a mercenary with a gun on rampage to kill Zombies without any regards for anything. Killing Floor 2 only has 2 gameplay modes but it manages to deliver what countless zombie games miss to even grasp which is the satisfying all out gruesome arcade-style zombie shootout that everyone with a strong enough stomach can enjoy. The best part you won’t be killing normal zombies but zombies that have gone through extensive experimentation that has given them a certain killing edge as well as hideously deformed bodies. The gameplay itself is fluid and provides countless moments that you will find yourself struggling to stay alive whether it be an abounded lab or prison you can expect all kind of nightmarish stuff from killing Floor 2.

The Story?

At face value there is no story in the game besides the initial reason why you are killing zombies. A large biotech company called Horzine decided it was time to tinker with the undead and ended up creating hordes of undead zombies equipped with state of the art tech only to meet an untimely demise. As you play the game you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the story and just focus on killing zombies. If you need well thought out characters or a campaign with an actual story then this games is definitely not for you.

Does It Get Boring?

The one thing I can say for certain is that Killing Floor 2 will definitely keep you entertained for countless hours and show you just how much fun shooting every moving thing can be without having to worry about completing a quest line. The majority of the zombie sin the game can be considered as fodder who are only there to lower your healthy and ammo but the real fun of the game lies in its well thought out and challenging boss fights. Another thing to note is that you aren’t killing the zombies just because you have to but rather you need to kill them to earn points to upgrade your weapons that greatly enhances the fun you have while wreaking havoc on the undead hordes.


The best way to describe Killing Floor 2 is by comparing it to Doom 2016. Both games have a lot in common and you are guaranteed to enjoy both of these games if you liked either of the two. It’s a simple game that you can enjoy with your friends or online for hours. It’s definitely not a game with a lot of story or lore but it doesn’t need to have any of that since it accomplishes what it set out to do.

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