Two Of The Scariest Games I Have Ever Played

Two Of The Scariest Games I Have Ever Played

Hello, my fellow gamers. Today I thought I would have a little bit of fun as I think back to some of the scariest games I have ever played. To be honest with you, I do not feel games had the capacity to really scare me until the PS2 generation. Yes, you PC gamers in the 90’s had all kinds of horror games, but I was a console kid so I missed out on all that. Anyway here are two of the games that sure as hell kept me up at night!

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly

PlayStation 2 (2003) also on Xbox and Nintendo Wii

In the USA this series is known as Fatal Frame, but here in the UK, it is called Project Zero. At the time this game came out, The Ring was really big and I was just starting to get into Japanese horror so this game really caught my attention. The game sees you playing as two twins who while in the forest one day are transported/teleported to a different time and end up in this creepy as hell village. You are armed with the Camera Obscura which can let you see and capture ghosts and other evil spirits.

To be honest with you it is not so much the design of the ghosts that was scary about this. It was the weird story that involved human sacrifice and just horrible, horrible things that got under my skin and you never knew when you turned around if there would be something creepy there. I recently played through this again, the Xbox version this time and it was not as scary as I remember it being. But back when I first played this on the PlayStation 2, I was really creeped out. I actually intended to play this with the lights off and the surround sound system on, that lasted all of about 30 minutes before I put the lights back on and turned off the surround sound.


PlayStation 4 (2013) also on Xbox One and PC

If I had to pick a game that really did make me jump out of my skin a million times it is Outlast. I had actually never heard of this game before, but it was a free PlayStation Plus game one month so I thought I would give it a try. The game is just awesome! You play the role of a reporter who gets a lead about some unusual goings on at an old mental asylum.

You head there with no weapons, no fighting skills, and only a camera to help you uncover the truth about what is going on. A buddy of mine told me before I played this that there are three things you can do in Outlast, you can run, hide or die! And he was not kidding. The camera you are using is your only source of light and there are many dark areas.

Batteries can be found, but you never know when the next one will turn up so it makes you really nervous about using the camera. The enemies will chase you down and you can run and hide. Hiding in a locker or under a bed when an enemy is stalking you is absolutely terrifying, even more so when they find you! The game is very gruesome and the story was actually pretty neat. I know not many people are too keen on the supernatural twist the game takes, but I thought it was really cool. Outlast is the kind of game that is best played in the dark. Even if you are a wuss like me, it is worth sucking it up and doing so as it adds to the atmosphere.

I have played a lot of scary games as horror themed games are one of my favorite genres. I would love to know what games have scared you guys in the comments below.

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