Transformers Online Needs To Come To The West!

Transformers Online Needs To Come To The West!

I am a huge Overwatch fan and I am also a huge Transformers fans so my mind was pretty blown when I found out that there was a Transformers MMO first person shooter that is incredibly similar to Overwatch…. Way too similar for it to be a coincidence.

I found out about this game by accident, it is a Chinese game, developed by Tencent Games and it has been in Beta since August 2016. It is a squad based first person shooter, very similar to Overwatch, as a matter of fact, some of the characters have loadouts that are incredibly similar to Overwatch!

There are currently four game modes to play as ranging from your standard Point Capture to a Team Deathmatch, nothing too groundbreaking, but the fact you get to play as Transformers makes it really cool. There is a great selection of characters and they seem to have a good balance of G1 and movie characters with skins representing both. It is safe to say, if you are a Transformers fan, you will be happy with how they have represented the old and the new.

Now as excited as I was for this game, I was devastated to learn that so far there are no plans at all to bring this to the west. Hasbro still has a hand it this, but at the moment, it does not look like it is leaving the East! I have a theory that the way it is so close to Overwatch may be the reason as they are worried about some kind of backlash as they have clearly taken the Overwatch formula and put a Transformers spin on it.

I actually managed to sign up and play a few games thanks to a guide I found on YouTube, but the problem I had was all the writing is in Chinese so any loot that I picked up which I assume is weapons and skills, I had no clue how to equip or use. Still what I have played was a lot of fun and I would say that if you like Overwatch, you would like this. Hopefully, Hasbro will work with Tencent Games and get this brought out to the rest of the world.

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