Three New Pokémon Games On Nintendo Switch In 2018!

Three New Pokémon Games On Nintendo Switch In 2018!

Wow did this come out of nowhere! The Nintendo Switch is getting three Pokémon games in 2018 and one of those you can play right now for free, Pokémon Quest!

The other two games are going to be released on the 16th of November and are called Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee. These two games both tie into Pokémon Go the phenomenon that took over the world for a short period of time. What is weird about these games is that at first glance they look like a traditional Pokémon RPG and the folks at Game Freak when talking about it made comparisons to Pokémon Yellow so many fans are very excited. 

A special Poke ball controller is being released for this game, you can take a Pokémon on the go with you if that is your kind of thing. The game has co-op and I think that if you can look past the Pokémon Go stuff that is part of it, this might turn out to be a pretty fun Pokémon game. I think that it is going to be pretty stripped back compared to what a full Pokémon game offers, but I think it will be a fun distraction.

The Nintendo Switch is actually going Pokémon crazy right now as they also released a free to play (or as Nintendo like to say, free to start) game called Pokémon Quest. This game features an adorable art style that has a kind of Crossy Road look to it. It has the feel of the Pokémon Rumble games which were released on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, both of which were pretty fun.

It was also announced that in 2019 a full RPG Pokémon game will be released for the Nintendo Switch which is very exciting news.

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