Three New Nintendo 2DS Consoles Coming Soon

Three New Nintendo 2DS Consoles Coming Soon

The Nintendo 2DS (do people still refer to it as the 3DS?) is not dead yet. This has been proven by the fact that Nintendo has announced three new special edition Nintendo 2DS consoles and I have to be honest and say that these are the best looking of any 2DS or 3DS console that they have produces so far.

There will be a Nintendo 2DS themed on Animal Crossing New Leaf, Minecraft and Mario Kart 7. All three look good, but the Animal Crossing and Minecraft ones, in particular, are truly spectacular. They have an almost etched design to them instead of just a standard sticker and they look incredible. The Mario Kart one looks more basic than the other two, but I really dig the cool red and black design. Each console comes with their respective game pre-loaded onto it.

I currently have the yellow and white new Nintendo 2DS (the BB-8 model as I like to call it) and had I not already upgraded from a standard Nintendo 3DS to a Nintendo 3DS XL to then a New Nintendo 3DS and now finally the New Nintendo 2DS I would have been all over one of these, probably the Mario Kart one to be honest.

The New Nintendo 2DS is a fantastic console and while the games being released for it may be slowing down as 3rd party support seems to have all but gone to the Nintendo Switch. I think that the Nintendo 2DS has a fantastic library of games and if you have not yet jumped into the world of the Nintendo 3DS/2DS this is the time to do it. Many of the best games on the console like Mario 3D Land, Donkey Kong, Zelda and so on are currently available as part of the budget price line that Nintendo has done. Not to mention you can pick up pre-owned Nintendo 2DS games very reasonably. I really cannot stress enough what a fantastic handheld this is and how amazing its library of games is. 

I am going to try and be really strong and say to myself “no I am currently on my fourth version of this handheld I do not need a fifth”…… but that Mario Kart one really does look cool and five is a much nicer number than four so maybe I should go for it just do not tell my wife!

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