Thoughts On The New Super Mario Odyssey Update

Thoughts On The New Super Mario Odyssey Update

So I have spent a couple of hours playing around with the new update for Super Mario Odyssey, which I was actually surprised to see downloaded on my Switch all by its self…. I did not even know the Switch did that! Anyway, I wanted to share my early thoughts on this new update to one of 2017’s best games. 

Luigi’s Balloon Flight is the main event of this new update and it has a ton of charm. I love the way that Luigi will say something different to Mario depending on what clothes Mario is wearing. This is so much fun and I will be honest and say that I spent more time changing clothes to see what Luigi would say than I did actually playing Luigi’s, Balloon Flight.

The idea of the mode is that you can either hide balloons for other players to find or you can use your epic platforming skills to find balloons that other players have hid. It is not the most exciting game mode I have played, but it was kind of fun for a little while. The real highlight though is Mario’s dealings with Luigi. You can grind coins by playing this mode so that is a reason to play it. 

New outfits have also been added (although you will need a ton of coins to get them) There is a Knights Suit, a Musician Suit which makes Mario look like a prohibition-era gangster! There is also a Super Mario Sunshine themed Hawaiian style suit. These are a lot of fun and I have started grinding coins already. 

There are also two new photo filters. One gives the world all kinds of funky lights and the other is a coin, I really like the coin one, but the photo filters are not really something I am interested in.

I think that the Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Flight update is pretty neat. It is a free update and there is quite a lot of content included here, it is worth it alone for hearing what Luigi has to say.

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