Thoughts On The Breath Of The Wild DLC Pack

Thoughts On The Breath Of The Wild DLC Pack

To say I spent a lot of time with Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch is a huge understatement. I actually pre-ordered the DLC for Breath Of The Wild a few weeks back, before I even knew exactly what it was going to entail. The reason I did this was the woman in my local GAME (UK version of Game Stop) said I could have the dummy box off the shelf if I pre-ordered it…… and like a sucker I did.

Well just recently the details of the first part of this DLC pack have been announced and to be honest with you I have no interest in the hard mode or the costumes, but there is one mode that sounds super cool and that is Trial Of The Sword. Trials Of The Sword sounds like it is going to be awesome. There is supposedly around 45 rooms and in each room are enemies. You need to kill all the enemies before moving onto the next room. If you complete the challenge then your Master Sword will always be in its powered up state. I love the sound of the actual challenge and the reward is just fantastic. But I must admit that I do kind of wish this was in the game from the start as this Master Sword power up would have come in real handy while I was trying to beat the actual game. The other part of this first DLC pack I am actually interested in is the Korok Mask. I have had a real hard time finding all these little SOB’s so I am thankful for the helping hand that this mask is going to give me.

I know that for some the idea of the Hard Mode sounds great, but to be honest with you I do not think that is going to be something I even touch, it just does not interest me at all and I know that I will end up just getting really frustrated rather than having fun. So do I think the first DLC pack for Zelda Breath Of The Wild is good value? Yes, yes I do and this is coming from a person who is only into a couple of pieces from it. I really cannot want to do some damage in the Trials Of The Sword mode and that alone for me is making the DLC pack worth the price of admission.

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