Thoughts On Nintendo Stopping NES Classic Edition

Thoughts On Nintendo Stopping NES Classic Edition

I was lucky enough that I got an NES Classic Edition on launch day…… actually, that is not true. As soon as these were announced last year, I was in. I checked Amazon every day and then in July, they appeared so I pre-ordered one right away. I knew that Nintendo would screw this up and I wanted to make sure that I pre-ordered in as far advance as possible.
Nintendo could not have screwed the NES Classic Edition up anymore, but in all honesty, I am not surprised. I love Nintendo, grew up with an NES and had every console in between as well as the Switch, but they make just horrible anti-consumer decisions that make it hard to stay in love with them. Nintendo out of all the consoles has the worst fanboys, but there is no way anyone can justify the handling of the NES Classic Edition.

If I were a big time Nintendo shareholder I would be asking some serious questions right now. Pat The NES Punk did a great video about it and estimated that Nintendo could have made us much as a quarter of a billion in profit over a three year period with this, but instead of embracing the consumer demands they are just flat out ignoring it. Is there a game company that punishes or ignores their fans as much as Nintendo?

My feelings on this are that Nintendo has canned the NES Classic Edition because they want to sell you those same games on the Nintendo Switch for five bucks a pop and that is hard to justify when you have a whole bunch of them on a physical device for much less. Also, I would not be surprised if the hacking of it had something to do with it.
I just find this one of the most bizarre decisions Nintendo could make! They are just throwing money away by not meeting the public demand. My only hope is that Nintendo is working on a SNES Classic Edition or even a new NES Classic Edition with a store where you can buy games or something like that, but to completely just throw this away is crazy!

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