Thoughts On Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Thoughts On Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

One of the big reveals for me at the Video Game Awards was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and today I want to talk about it.

I am a huge fan of this franchise. It started way back in 2004 when X-Men Legends was released. It was an over the top dungeon crawler style RPG that was a lot of fun to play, but a little rough around the edges. X-Men Legends II knocked it out of the part and to this day it is one of my favorite dungeon crawler style games.

After this, X-Men Legends morphed into Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It was the same kind of game, played very similar, except now it featured characters from every corner of the Marvel Universe. The first game was one I had a lot of fun with, the opening cinematic at the time was the coolest thing I had ever seen in a Marvel game and I loved the different locations like Asgard and Hell that the game would let you go to.

The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance also had a really cool feature where you could play it in two player like an old school arcade beat em up and this was awesome. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 I felt was not quite as good as the first game. It looked a million times better and I liked how it tackled the Civil War storyline, but to me, it felt like it was lacking the heart of the first game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was released nearly a decade ago so I thought this series had come and gone. Especially after they disastrously tried to digitally re-release it. So seeing that there is a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch is something I never expected to see. This game seems heavily focused on Thanos and his Black Order which is awesome.

It appears to be the same action packed style of dungeon crawler that the first two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games were so that is cool in my book. I am not really sure what they could do in terms of core gameplay to improve on the first two. However, I personally would like to see more in-depth RPG mechanics in the game. Leveling up, using new equipment and so on I would like to see expanded upon.

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