Thoughts On Jump Force

Thoughts On Jump Force

A few weeks back I talked about how the Jump Force collector’s edition was epic and how it was a game I was really looking forward to. Well, I have now beaten the story mode in Jump Force so I thought that I would share my thoughts on the game.

Jump Force was one of those games that as soon as I saw the first trailer I knew I was all in. So much so that I decided to not watch any more trailers and just experience the game for itself when it was released.

The story is what really impressed me with this game. Having some of my favorite Shonen Jump characters have to team up to collect these things known as Umbras Cubes. The story features some of my favorite series mainly Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Death Note. If you are a fan of any of these then I think the game is well worthwhile checking out. This is a love letter to fans and it is a celebration of 50 years of Shonen Jump.

To people who know nothing about this universe….. I would have to suggest that you pass. The reason I say this is because the core gameplay is rather frustrating. It is rather simple in that you have your basic attacks and each character then has four special attacks and the fights take place in a 3D arena.

The problem is not the fighting engine. It is actually fun and in multiplayer I have had a lot of fun with this game. The problem is the AI. Jump Force has some of the most frustrating AI I have experienced in quite some time. As you progress through the game you expect the AI to get smarter and put up a better fight.

That is not the case. The way that the difficulty spikes in Jump Force is by the AI playing as cheaply as possible. They block everything you do, react instantly to what you do and in general, it becomes very frustrating. So much so that you end up spamming the same moves over and over again, playing as cheaply as possible just to get through it.

Jump Force is a game that I really wanted to like and the story is something I do like! However, getting through it was a bit of a chore thanks to that horrible AI. So unless you are a huge fan like me I think this is one that you should pass on.

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