Thoughts And Ramblings On Splatoon 2

Thoughts And Ramblings On Splatoon 2

Ok so let me start by saying that I love my Nintendo Switch. I have really enjoyed the lineup of games for it so far and it is something I play a lot with my son. One game we were both very excited for was Splatoon 2. I have put a lot of time into Splatoon 2 and wanted to share my thoughts and let me warn you right now… they are not all positive.

Ok so let’s start with the good. Splatoon 2 is very similar to the first game and that is a good thing. Splatoon 1 was a great new IP for Nintendo and they have not reinvented the wheel here, more just refined it and I am cool with that. The multiplayer action is awesome and I feel that the campaign is also a lot of fun. It is a great sequel to the first game in this regard. Splat Zones, Rain Maker, and Tower Control are all really fun game modes and the overall gameplay is much better with the Pro Controller (or even just the Joy-Cons) than it was with the Wii U Game Pad.

But there are a couple of things that really just annoy the hell out of me about Splatoon 2 and worst of all, people seem to be giving Nintendo a pass on these things. Why is Nintendo above criticism these days? Ok, so that is a rant for another time. But let me get back to my issues with Splatoon 2 and what takes it from being a 9/10 game to something more like a 7. Multiplayer. Splatoon 2 has a fantastic and fun campaign, but multiplayer is what it is all about. But I was completely unprepared for the fact that Splatoon 2 lacked any kind of local multiplayer. Well, it does have it, but each person needs their own Switch console! How insane is that in 2017 a game like Splatoon does not have the ability to let two people play on the same console on the same TV? I get that maybe not all of the game modes could be played this way, but at least have something for people who want to play together in the same room.

One of the best and most frustrating modes in Splatoon 2 is Salmon Run. It is kind of like a Zombies or a Horde mode where you just fight off wave after wave of enemies. It is a lot of fun, but for some crazy reason, Nintendo has decided we can only play this at certain times!!!!! That is right, the game you spent money on is dictating to you when you can play it. How is this even a thing? We should be able to play this mode whenever we want! Nintendo makes some very, very strange decisions and this is certainly one of them. Worst of all, people are actually defending this and trying to reason with people why it is ok. I know some people who have yet to be able to play this mode as it has not been available when they are off work or have spare time, how is that fair?

In all, I think Splatoon 2 is a very well made game that is fun to play, has a great campaign, awesome game modes and looks fantastic. But the lack of local co-op and the incredibly odd way they handle Salmon Run has really taken a lot of the shine of the game for me. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this so let me know in the comments section, your thoughts on Splatoon 2.

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